Ivo Hury


Autumn creations by using “photopainting”

Autumn is undoubtedly no.1 for creative people, including photographers :o) There is only one problem, landscape is year by year…

Graphic design for the magazine Melancholia

Some of my works for the magazine Melancholia.

Creative photography #1

My creation of thematic photos for different purposes.   The creation of graphic outputs from studio photos.   The creation…

DTP, Desktop publishing 2014

My work for magazines Illuminati Journal and Agartha. All of samples contain my photos, graphics and DTP work. Knowledge: InDesign…

Monochrome collection till 2014

Some of my work till year 2014 in monochrome style

Vintage collection till 2014

Vintage photos are my most favorite. Wonderful appearance of old photographs is unrepeatable.

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